blue wilderness small breed dog food

Til i saw the recall. I just read all the comments this is very sad,but I am wondering about blue buffalo cat food wet , should I worry about this as well? How can you get in on this lawsuit? Makes me so angry that there is no quality control on the foods we feed our fur babies. Here is a link with more information on how to report dog foods that may be bad: Deer venison graze on the plants growing out of it.

carbohydrates. Compare your dog foods and see the Blue Buffalo difference. Previous. Video. Blue Buffalo Wild Small Breed Adult Chicken Dry Dog Food.

Reading the comments below is horrifying. And I always have questions about class action suits. Homemade diets high in green leafy vegetables are also beneficial. Now I wonder, have I poisoned my babies? We lost our 10 year old Yorkie Poo to cancer Nov. She died in less than 24 hours after taking her to the vet.

I am so angry because I believe my Brittany spaniel who passed away in was also poisoned by Blue Buffalo. Just 5 months later my 5 year old Bosco started with seizures and same thinghigh levels in his liver. I have a golden retriever that has really bad food allergies that make her ears raw. I have to mix in 2 scramble eggs just to get him to eat!!!

blue wilderness small breed dog food

How did that happen? There is no real treatment and the type of cancer is aggressive and deadly. We like to mix it up. Ate able Buffalo puppy food wet and dry. I do not trust any brand now. Do you know if this is the case for the Salmon Halibut kind?

Dogs ingesting high levels of beef thyroid hormones may exhibit symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, weight loss, increased heart rate and restlessness. I feed my dog that??? Symptoms as described in the article. I had a cat that died from the recalled food. He is our baby and we both love him so much. Had to switch to boiled chicken and rice and add probiotics to get him back to normal.

She just turned 11 at the end of December. How do we pick a dog food since everybody seems to lie? Rushed her to vet. She seems to have acid reflux, it makes her vomit after eating.

PET FOOD LEAD ALERT! Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness Dog Food: Class Action Law Suit

We lost him, thinking it could have been the food we fed him is devastasting. Her skin cleared up right away.. We lost our large dog last year.

10 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods 2018

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their Intern also ear very upset and even orthos andbsudden Dermatologist due to his coat was dulll losing hair from all the lead poisining being weak unable to walk with Vestibular Vertigo it is heart wrenching a highly intelligent boy to go to total confusion and in total despair at night til dawn.

I found it invaluable. Like yourself, I have been feeding my Silky Terriers this food because I believed it was the best quality and safety. My dog Thomas was diagnosed last year with liver cancer he went from 20 pounds to 8 pounds in a matter of the year his liver enzymes run anywhere between 7, 10 and 12,

Sadly he died of Cancer two years ago. We fed our Brittany this food for five years.

blue wilderness small breed dog food

51 items BLUE natural and nutritious small & toy dog breed dog food and treats - supports higher energy needs with the high-quality proteins and carbohydrates.

She threw up 3 times in a few hours time span and the third time there was blood in it. We just put down the love of our life due to liver ailment. She throws up periodically and drinks water constantly. I have a one and a half year old Boston that has been eating the small breed food that was listed.

blue wilderness small breed dog food

Natures variety is a family owned company. My two fur babies are very healthy and happy. I have no words!!!

Does Blue Buffalo Dog Food Contain Toxic Levels of Lead?

Buy Blue Buffalo Wilderness Small Breed Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, lb bag at FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!.

I am heartbroken, thinking I was feeding him a good, quality food. He died last year from cancer it was horrible. Was a antibiotic for a month and took him for a second opinion. Blue Basics was one that was recommended. There is no reason to support or sale any of the Blue Buffalo products. I have 4 Shih Tzus ranging from yrs and they have never had anything else to eat but Purina puppy food. There is a web site:

Dog Food Companies Locked in Lawsuit

This would basically solve all the issues if lead was removed. OMG I feel terrible now. I used to feed it to my bullies.

blue wilderness small breed dog food

You would have to read the direct lawsuit https: The store manager was not about to remove it. I had 2 beautiful boxers that ate this food for a couple of years. They died a little over a year ago. Drank excess amounts of water loss so much weight she was literally skin and bones.


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