Hello everyone, My name is Alex Taylor and I have been doberman service dog for a service dog. I think she is going to have a litter available this spring. It was yet another case of someone not understanding what a service dog looks like.

doberman service dog

After receiving so much radio silence it felt good to get responses. The police were called to haul the guy and his dog out. I think that the OP decided not to go with a Doberman, but I could be incorrect. JanS , Aug 30, GennyB , Aug 28,

Suitable for almost any job, the Doberman Pinscher makes an excellent Service Dog candidate. Learn more about this working breed at Anything Pawsable!.

Maybe he'll learn something. JanS , Aug 28, Share This Page Tweet. It is not a Doberman but does show how awesome our dogs are if we just let them. Tropicalbri's , Jan 4, It doesn't even have good pet training.

This workshop will involve you walking in a heel while keeping your dog focused on you. They been trained well enough to know exactly doberman service dog they need to do. Who would have thought it. Here is an example of the basic outline of the curriculum. Not counting her snapping her fingers.

doberman service dog

So while the partner you wind up with will have been chosen carefully for their more docile temperament, they are still a Doberman and can be a lot of dog. They are DOGS that still need to play and exercise. Shadowlands , Feb 23, No, create an account now. The information you have is fantastic, but sometimes an experienced eye can see something we can't.

I try hard not to do it when we are out and about The problem with PTSD is that people who have it look totally normal. I have placed two puppies doberman service dog have served a guide dogs for the blind. KSmithAug 30,

Example of a Fake Service Dog

As you might have heard, Dobermans have historically been guard dogs. Not necessarily at a competitive level but for fun. Calley, who served two tours of duty in Iraq and now spends his time working as an advocate for veterans with PTSD, has Sun by his side all of the time.


Such as their strong frame, I am certainly not large by any means, but a strong steady frame gives me peace of mind. I am taking my GED and want to go to college. Maybe he does have PTSD, but nobody's owed anything by society and a lot more people need to internalize this.

Just because you're disabled doesn't mean you can do whatever the 'eff you want to do and people have to kiss your ass. That dog may be a fine dog to have on one's own property, but it seems poorly socialized and possibly a danger out in public. GennyB , Jan 4, AresMyDobie , Aug 31,

The police were called to haul the guy and his dog out. I was going to get a puppy from her then, but I ended up with this big goofy guy.

doberman service dog

This time it happened to Eric Calley, a former Marine who served in Iraq, when he was traveling with his service dog, Sun, a Doberman Pincher. The pair were.

My puppy responds better than that dog. Your dog is not trained to even the lowest service dog standards. She really knows her Doberman.

doberman service dog

I would look for a breeder who has actually trained and titled they own dogs. I know some people here disagree, including GennyB who commented above, but I maintain that it is widely true. No, create an account now.

Dobermans as service dogs, my story and breeder help

I've been asked many a time why did I chose a Doberman Pinscher for a service dog. Well, it's an interesting story, so here we go. My first service dog, Tyler, was.

Oh Little Oji , Aug 30, Do you already have an account? They also don't have to treat you with kid gloves, "support" you or be extra courteous. Seriously, you're an embarrassment to the service dog community. Dobs4ever , Oct 1,

Trusty the Doberman

Step 6 Adult basic: Share This Page Tweet. Many service dogs are rescues from animal shelters. Al0Tay , Aug 28,

doberman service dog

Many service dogs are rescues from animal shelters. If they are holding still and being inactive, they shiver. MyBuddy , Feb 23, Yes, Dobes are legendarily smart and trainable. Any aggressive dog be it people or dog aggressive is automatically disqualified from being a service dog. He lays at his feet with his head down in the middle of restaurants.


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